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28/02/2019 News

Startupper Awards 2019


The 2nd Edition of the Total Startupper of the Year Challenge came to a climax on 1st March 2019 at its awards ceremony. The event was hosted at Sheraton Hotel Kampala where among the 15 top finalists, 3 winners walked away with the prize awards of 75 million Uganda Shillings, 45 million and 30 million Uganda Shillings.

The winners were Arnold MUGAGA with the Seat Pack project that won 75 million award, Sylvia KYOMUHENDO of Infants’ Health Foundation that won 45 million and Vincent NEMEYIMANA or the SWAPafrica project that won 30 million Uganda Shillings.

The winner of the Top Female Entrepreneur award, a new addition to the 2018-2019 Challenge to support women in business, was Sylvia Kyomuhendo of Infants’ Health Foundation.

The Managing Director, Mr. Obi IMEMBA thanked all the participants for being innovative and also encouraged them to carry on with their projects with the knowledge and skills acquired during the bootcamp.

“Total Uganda is proud to also have a Startupper winner this year in the category of top 6 projects at the world level,” said the Managing Director. This came after he announced the grand news that two of the finalists will be going Paris where they will have further trainings, mentorship and also present to a panel jury committee that will select the best winners at world level.