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Why do my Total fuel cards offer better security than magnetic strip cards?

Security is first of all strengthened during the control of the Personal Identification Number

Can I change the PIN codes of my TOTAL B2C Card?

Any time, you can change the PIN codes of your TOTAL B2C card.

PIN change can be done from any TOTAL station. Note that to change the PIN, you need to recall the current working PIN

What is the offering?

Two cards are currently available at Total:

Prepaid Card and Postpaid cards

What do I have to key in for a card transaction?

For each transaction, the cardholder has to key in his own PIN code. If the card is customised, the cardholder may have to key in the mileage or his driver code and mileage among other options

What is the price of the Total card?

TOTAL B2C card costs 11,800UGX. Currently the card is at a Launch offer. The card is free provided the customer loads a minimum of 11,800UGX immediately at acquisition of the card

Where can I use TOTAL Card?

You can use your Total card in all our service stations

How can I manage my fuel budget?

You select the combinations of fuels and services depending on each user's needs. Purchases are clearly identified, checked and secured, thanks to cards' and drivers' PIN codes.

  • Each card has its own combination of products and services (car-wash, lubricants, shop...)
  • Each card has its own ceiling limits for purchases.
  • Each card is given a PIN code in order to secure payments

What can I pay for with my Total fuel cards?

The TOTAL B2C Card holder will be able to pay for any products (fuel and non-fuel) and services