Extra mile for you

Terms and Conditions

Article 1: The Organiser

'THE LUBRICANTS EXTRA MILE CAMPAIGN UGANDA - is a competition organised by Total Uganda Ltd with its Head Office located at 4, 8th Street Kampala (hereinafter the ' Organiser').

Article 2: The Promotion

'THE LUBRICANTS EXTRA MILE CAMPAIGN UGANDA ' is a competition that aims at sensitizing the public about our premium products QUARTZ 9000, RUBIA TIR 7400 and HIPERF SPECIAL 4T and increase the sales for the above mentioned.

Drive traffic to our lubes bays increasing in the turnovers for the station.

The Promotion Rules define the rules applicable to the Competition (hereinafter the 'Promotion Rules').

The Promotion is composed of:

  • The Customer buys any of the Multigrade ranges i.e. Q9, RTIR7400, Hi Perf.-4T,
  • The custsomer wins an instant lube goodie after the purchase of any of the above products .
  • when the customer uses any of the above oils for an oil-change at the station from which he purchased them,
  • the customer then qualifies to enter a draw to win the grand prize.
  • he/she then stands a chance to WIN car service for 12months (a calendar year). For the avoidance of doubt the winner announced on 1st August 2018 will enjoy free service of the winning vehicle/motorcycle at station where they entered the draw for a period up to 31st July 2019.
  • Customer also gets technical orientation from the mechanic.
  • Use of  A BTL team to manage all animations during the campaign as well as have station management to handle the give a ways i.e. Rubia and Quartz white caps, AFCON T Shirts, AFCON soccer balls, AFCON Umbrellas.
  • Followed by a random draw, hereinafter referred to as the 'Draw', to identify the winners of the grand prize among the participants who will have used our products while servicing their vecihles at our service stations.

Article 3: Participation conditions

The promotion is open to all persons purchasing QUARTZ 9000, RUBIA TIR and HIGH PERF 4T from the selected Total service stations.

  • To participate in the Promotion and stand a chance to win the grand prize, participants will have to Drive into our service stations  to service (perform an oil change) using the any of the three (3) products above.
  • Oil change being a technical operation, the required oil for the Participant’s car will be advised by the oil change technician for suitability of the motorvehicle or motorcycle presented during the promotion period. As a rule of thumb,
    • Quartz 9000 – petrol engine cars
    • Rubia TIR 7400 – diesel engine cars
    • High Perf.-4t – motorcycles
  • Backcourt sale does not qualify for the grand prize i.e. Free service for a year and only stands a chance to win  the instant goodies.

Participation in the Promotion can only be done via the means referred to above, participation in any other form or by any other means will not be taken into account.


If the participant is not the owner of the vehicle they use to participate in the Promotion, they are deemed to have obtained permission from the registered owner.

The details provided on the draw cards is considered as final for the participation in the draw and can not be altered or transferred during the course of the promotion once entered. This is in the event of change of motor vehicle or motorcycle during the period between entering the draw and award of the winner.

The sticker used to verify the lubricants must be applied to the award voucher tear off section before being submitted to the service station manager or his/her appointed representative.

Accuracy of the details entered into the award voucher are the sole responsibility of the participants and neither Total or its representatives will be held responsible for any errors.

In the event that the participant is a minor, he/she will not be eligibale  to register and participate in the Promotion.

The participant must have a mobile telephone capable to running a USSD code for the authentication process of the stickers applied to the said lubricants.

Article 4: How the Competition works

To participate, the participant must purchase Q9000, Rubia TIR7400, Hi Perf. 4Tfrom Total service stations between the 01st August 2018 from the launch of the Promotion and the 31st October. 2018 at midnight  and validate them by completing an award voucher stating:

  • The oil used
  • Their civil status, family name, first name
  • Their telephone number
  • The vehicle registration number
  • The station  from which the purchase was made
  • Date of the entry
  • The lubes verification code / scratch serial number


  • Participation in the promotion automatically means complaince to the Terms and conditions of the promotion captured in this document.
  • BACK COURT / FORECOURT SALE (customer purchases of any of the following lubricants for carry away or top up without performing an oil change on station)
    • He/she buys any of the Multigrade ranges i.e. (Q9, RTIR7400, Hi Perf. 4T )
    • He/she dips and wins one (1) instant lube goodie regardless of the quantity purchased
    • The instant goodie is handed over by station manager or appointed representative
  • CAR SERVICE / OIL CHANGE (customer purchases of any of the following lubricants at the station service bay and proceeding to carry out an oil change)
    • He/she buys any of the Multigrade ranges i.e. (Q9, RTIR7400, Hi Perf. 4T )
    • He/she dips and wins one (1) instant lube goodie regardless of the quantity purchased
    • The instant goodie is handed over by station manager or appointed representative
    • He/she scrathes and verifies the authenticity of the purchased lubricant using his mobile phone.
    • He/she fills in award voucher tear off section and sticks to it the verification sticker(s)
    • He/she hands over the tear-off section to the manager of the station or appointed representative.
    • He/she is considered eligible for the grand draw if they meet conditions set out in Article 3 above.
    • The station manager will account for and keep the draw coupons for the day within the station safe or area deemed safe for their custody.
    • A draw will be held on a selected date at a preselected station to choose the winner(s) of the grand prize
    • ONLY 30 winners qualify for the 1 year service.


Total Uganda reserves the right to make all the necessary checks regarding the identity, age and phone number of the participants. Any inaccurate, incomplete or fraudulent entry will not be taken into account and will invalidate the participation. 

Total Uganda reserves the right to change the terms and conditions enclosed in this document without prior communication to the participants and or participating stations.

Article 5: Prize

The winners will be awarded the following prizes:

  • Instant Lube goodie (Rubia and Quartz white caps, AFCON T Shirts, AFCON soccer balls, AFCON Umbrellas)
  • Free Car Service for calendar 12 months. For the avoidance of doubt the winner announced on 1st August 2018 will enjoy free service at station where they entered the draw for a period up to 31st July 2019.

Article 6: Choice of winners

Customers who will buy any  multi-grade ranges i.e (Q9, Rubia TIR 7400, Hiperf Special 4T) from any of our participating Total Service Stations will be eligible to be selected as winners for the prizes in Article 5 and comply with modalities elaborated in Article 4.

Winners will ONLY be rewarded the 1 year service at the station where entry to the raffle draw was made. 

The Draw(s) will take place under the control of  a Total Uganda Staff member from the Lubricants and Specialties Team, Participating Service Station and a member of Total’s internal control team. 

It will also be drawn by potential substitutes, in the event that it proves after verification that one or more participants drawn did not have the right to participate, had made a false declaration, or for any other motive causing the need to award the prize to another person, particularly if the call made to the selected winner is not successful on the day of the draw..


Each winner will be contacted by  phone call by the Total Uganda limied at the end of the Draw to inform them about the 1 year free service. 

Within a period of three (3) days from the date of the draw, the winners will be required to redeem their free service for a year prize, which they will have to comply with in order to benefit from it.

The Organising Company reserves the right to carry out any verifications it deems useful regarding each winner and to request, in order to allow the allocation of the prize, the presentation of supporting documents enabling them to be identified (proof: copy of identity document or passport).


Participants whose details are incomplete or inaccurate will not be taken into consideration.

Each prize may not be awarded in any other form than that provided for in these Promotion Rules.
The prize will not be taken back or exchanged for another item.

If the winner refuses the prize, or if the winner does not respond to the call made by the Total Uganda limited asking them to provide their full details within 3 days from the date of call, Total Uganda will not proceed with a second call. The said winner would then lose the benefit of their prize, which will then treated to the discretion of Total Uganda Limited.

Article 8:   Announcement of the final result

The grand prize winner will be announced after a raffle draw is done in the selected station and the winner responds to the call that is made out on the same date. Should the winner fail to respond to the call on the said date, the winner forfeits the prize and the Organiser reserves the right to re-do the raffle draw.

Article 9: Personal data

9.1: Purposes of processing

Participation in the Competition requires that the Candidate's personal data be provided. This information is intended for the sole purpose of participation in the Competition, from the management of Candidates' files to the possible allocation of a prize as well as the follow-up.

9.2: Data recipients

In addition to the Organiser, personal data collected from Candidates may be disclosed to TOTAL SA and all entities in which TOTAL SA holds or directly or indirectly holds more than 50% of the share capital or voting rights. ('Affiliated companies') as part of the management of this Competition.

Personal data may also be disclosed to jurors, partners, service providers and subcontractors acting on behalf of Total Uganda Limied and only for the performance of their assignments under this Competition.

Total Uganda limited may transmit the personal information collected in case of receipt of a request from a judicial authority or any administrative authority authorised by the law requesting communication of this information in accordance with the legal provisions in force in the country where the file has been submitted.

9.3: Data protection and privacy

Total Uganda limited implements appropriate measures to preserve the protection and confidentiality of personal data and, in particular, prevent them from being distorted, damaged, or being accessed by unauthorised third parties.


9.4: Length of time data is kept

Data will be kept by Total Uganda Limited for the duration that is necessary for the purpose of processing and will not exceed one 1 year

Article 10: Model release

The Candidate authorises TOTAL SA and/or its Affiliated Companies to use, reproduce, display and publish any information and image concerning them within the framework of the communication and information actions of the Competition, on all types of media, in any country, without being entitled to any rights whatsoever or any compensation for a period of three (3) years from the filing of their entry.

Reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the elements by the Candidate (photos, videos, names, logos, brands, etc.) relating to the Competition and the Total Group without the prior authorisation of the Organiser, are strictly prohibited.

Article 11: Liability

11.1 The Organiser's liability cannot in any circumstances be invoked or claimed if entries do not reach it for a reason that cannot be attributed to it, especially in case of difficulties of connection to the Internet, or if it reaches it in a format that is illegible or impossible to process.

In addition, the Organiser cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, in relation to the prizes or the running of the Competition. The results of the Competition, at the stage of the pre-selections and the final, cannot give rise to any disputes.

It is recognised that the Organiser organises the Competition alone in its own name and on its own behalf in Uganda. Neither TOTAL SA nor any Affiliated Company can be held liable.

The Organiser reserves the right, at any time and without having to justify, to interrupt the Competition, to extend, shorten, modify or cancel it without any liability being incurred. Thus, the Organiser cannot be held liable in case of change of schedule.

The Candidate is invited to regularly consult the Promotion Rules and the Site. The Candidate expressly waives any claim or dispute relating to any amendment to the Promotion Rules by the Organiser.

11.2 By accepting these Promotion Rules, the Candidate is aware of the limitations of the Mobile telecommunications  in terms of security, including the fact that data transmissions over the Mobile telecomunications  have only a relative technical reliability.

The Organiser will endeavour to make every effort to effectively protect the data relating to each Candidate, and to prevent any security incident that may still be caused by a malicious third party.

Candidates undertake not to communicate their identifiers to third parties and recognise that it is their responsibility to ensure the conservation of their own files locally on their own storage media.

As such, the Organizer shall not be held liable in any circumstances.

Article 12: Legal Deposit

The Promotion Rules can be freely consulted online on www.total.ug/.

These Promotion Rules have been lodged with National Gaming Board Uganda, Plot 1 Colville Street Communications House.

A copy of these Promotion Rules may be requested free of charge upon written request to the Organiser at the designated Total Service Stations.

Article 13: Ethics

The Organiser reiterates its commitment to comply with the rules on the fight against corruption, fraud and competition law offences and expects each Candidate to respect this commitment.

Each Candidate undertakes to declare any potential conflict of interest that may arise during their participation in the Competition or the existence of any family relationship, professional or otherwise that could result in the risk of a questionable decision on their entry.

Article 14: Acceptance of the Promotion Rules

Participation in the Competition by filing an entry implies acceptance of these Promotion Rules in their entirety and without reservation.

Article 15: Languages

13.1Only the English version of these Promotion Rules is binding and shall prevail over all other translated versions.

13.2The participant's application, including all attachments, must be submitted in English.

The submission to the panel will take place in English.

Failure to respect the language will result in the disqualification of the Competition Candidate.

Article 16: Convention of proof

The proof of any act, and in particular the acceptance of these Promotion Rules by the Candidate, act or omission, may be reported by means of programs, data, files, recordings, transactions and other elements of a kind or in computer format or medium or electronically, drawn up, received or kept directly or indirectly by the Organiser, in particular in its information systems. The Candidate undertakes not to contest the admissibility, validity or probative force of the elements of nature or in the form or support of the aforementioned computer or electronic media, on the basis of any legal provision whatsoever. Thus, the elements considered constitute evidence and, if they are produced as evidence in any litigation or other proceedings, they will be admissible, valid and opposable between the parties in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same force as any document that would be prepared, received or kept in writing.

Article 17: Complaints

Any question relating to the application of these Promotion Rules or their interpretation shall be sent in writing to [Total Uganda Limited, Plot 4, Eighth Street Industrial Area, P.O Box 3079, Kampala]

The Organiser reserves the right, however, not to respond to complaints that it deems irrelevant.

Article 18: Independence

Registration and participation in the Competition does not, in any respect, create a relationship of subordination between the Organiser and the Candidate.

Article 19: Severability

The invalidity of one or more articles of these Promotion Rules, for any reason whatsoever, does not affect the validity of the other clauses.

Article 20: Applicable law – Disputes

These Promotion Rules are subject exclusively to the law of Uganda excluding principles of conflict of laws.

Any dispute arising from the Competition will be submitted to the competent courts of Uganda for adjudication.

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