Solar Products

Solar Products

Awango by Total

In Uganda, 88% of the population is not connected to the public electricity grid and yet lack of access to energy is a major obstacle to development. In line with its access to energy program, Total offers affordable energy solutions suited to the needs of people with no access to reliable energy sources. The Awango by Total, solar product line will improve lives by enabling these communities to get extra hours of light to continue with their income generating activities which would normally end by nightfall.

A complete range of products from mobile lanterns to modular home systems has been carefully selected for their quality and functionalities and special attention is given to after sales services.

Total Uganda is committed to availing these lamps to each and every home in Uganda. We have opened up our extensive service station network to be points of sale for Total Sola lamps.

All products come with a minimum 12 month warranty.

Key Features of the Total Solar lanterns:

  • Provide brighter and safer lighting source compared to candles and kerosene lanterns

  • Ready and reliable charging solutions for mobile phones

  • Excellent after sale services

  • Affordable, portable, versatile and easy to use,

  • They have one-to two-year warranty and customer service is available at all Total service station in Uganda.


Awango ranges

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